Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Misspiece

After a long hiatus, I drew again! Below are the pictures of the my misspiece followed by the original.

I use to take drawing lessons during school. I revived my creative pursuits in Feb '07 when my friend and I bought art supplies and drew a lion together. And then there was a lull. I had a sense of satisfaction after completing this painting.

What critics say?
1) My roommates liked it. One of them however mentioned that the woman on right is thinner. I agree.

2) A visiting friend mistook the lady on left for Mira Jasmine. We teased him for his affinity towards the actress and it helped when I showed him the original.

3) My mom said the woman on left is slouching and face of the woman on right is distorted. I convinced her I'll practice and do better next time.