Wednesday, January 23, 2008

List of Files

List of files in a folder

On Windows OS, to get a list of names of files in a folder on my local drive, I can do -

Open a command prompt: run -> cmd
Navigate to the folder by giving the path in quotes:
cd "My Documents\myfolder"
Type command: dir > file_name.txt

This saves detailed summary of the files in the folder in text file called file_name. Details include -
Modified Date and Time,
Name of the file (with extension as .doc, .xls etc)
Total number of files in the folder

This command however, does not work on Network Drives.

EDIT - Thanks to Kirubakaran, I know a shortcut: Using "dir /b > file_name.txt", I can get just the list of file names.

List of files in an archive

A similar report can be generated to obtain list of files in an archive (.zip, .rar).

Open the archive -> ALT+G or (Go To TOOLS -> Generate Report)

I can set the parameters here to print only the File names and the Total Information. I prefer to save the information as .txt instead of HTML (uncheck the option - Use HTML format)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Learning & Confidence

I often feel superior to my peers and then feel guilty of my boastfulness.
Everyone has different skills and they should be appreciated for that. But I realized what sets me apart from them - my urge to try and learn new things.

The embarrassment at the knowledge of ignorance is bliss. I work towards getting rid of my awkwardness, I learn. This knowledge leads to confidence.

With the umpteen resources available on world wide web, I feel there is no limit to learning.

Let's learn.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Summary 2007

2007 has been quite a fulfilling year.

Read -
Atlas Shrugged
Da Vinci Code
Deception Point
Angels and Demons

Learnt to -
Snowboard - Looking forward to this year's season
Drive - Licensed to Drive (only)
Use Auto Hot Keys - I use of couple of these at work since AHK can be used only on Windows OS.
Write Excel Macros - Ever so useful and quick.

Could not finish these books -
Four Hour Work Week
Stumbling on Happiness

Initiated into -
Linux/ Ubuntu - My laptop had a viral death within a month of purchase. I then switched to Ubuntu. My geeky friend installed it on my m/c. It is a fun learning experience.
Blogging - It is just my journal
Roller Skating - It was fun but I was scared of falling :-( - It is an easy way to track the useful articles I keep reading as well as a way to find popular information quickly on any subject.
Google Docs - More fun then attaching the docs. Moreover, you can make changes simultaneously and all these changes are updated real time.
Baking - mmm! Apple Spice Cake, Dark Chocolate Cake, Banana Loaf, Humming Bird Cake, Blueberry Scone, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies

Still Learning -
Linux Terminal Commands

Watched some of the finest movies (marked with *). This is the longest list of the movies I've ever maintained. Advantages of blogging :-)
Ant Bully, The
Beautiful Mind*
Bee Movie*
Before Sunrise*
Being John Malcovich
Bottle Rocket
Chicken Run*
Christmas Story, the*
Da Vinci Code
Dead Poet's Society*
Departed, The
Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind*
Evan Almighty
Flushed Away
Forrest Gump*
Garden State
George of the Jungle
Grind House (Planet Terror, Death Proof)
Happy Feet*
Hot Fuzz*
I am Legend
Ice Age*
Illusionist, The*
Kill Bill 1*
Kill Bill 2*
Lake House
Little Manhattan
Little Miss Sunshine*
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels*
March of the Penguins, The
Minus Man, The
Mona Lisa Smile*
My cousin Vinnie*
Namesake, The
No Reservations
Oceans 13
Over the Hedge*
Pan's Labyrinth
Prestige, The*
Pursuit of Happiness, The*
Score, The
See Jane Date
Shrek 3
Sixth Sense, The*
Small Soldiers*
Surfs Up
Sweet Home Alabama
Thank You For Smoking
Toy Story
Vanilla Sky
Wallace and Grommit - The curse of Were Rabbit*
Wild Hogs
Zindagi Rocks