Sunday, January 30, 2011

Setting oneself for disappointment

People who you use that expression must either be prescient or pessimistic. How else could they predict the outcome? Even otherwise, I feel that expression is condescending to the person for whom you are setting expectations. It thwarts the morale of people trying to dream big.
I would like it to be changed to "setting oneself for great expectations" and perhaps the world would see more Charles Dickens ;)

Friday, January 28, 2011

About my day

A day of 
jumping with stress.
Meeting people full of agression and despair.
Being defensive and could care less.
Why would some one succumb
and not go to desired land.
Life is ongoing and we lag with every grey hair
laid back, lost and unwilling to make change.
Things that matter more than gold
are only fools who recognize those.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The weekend in pics

I had great time playing scrabble on Saturday. I picked up a new trick of "balancing rack". 

John mentioned how in a tournament two guys played back to back bingos and were done in nine turns. One of the bingo words was "APOSTLE".  Ever since he has been obsessed to try and play it. Jerry then explained that bingos are all about balancing the rack...discarding the words which are not generic suffixes or prefixes. Think ...ING, ...MENT, ...LER, ...MATE etc. 
And I bet it's hard to believe that I played bingos in both my next games and won! I played RUFFLES and TATTLED.

On Sunday, I went snowboarding and just couldn't do what my instructor told. I fell on my knees many times. By the end of it, they hurt bad I felt I had four knees. I tried but then gave up and came home.
Some one on chairlift asked me how to get off without hurting. I told them to push off using lift's edge and to wear a helmet ;)

I had a lovely dinner at Ps' house to compensate for all my snowboarding woes. They are wonderful host.

Looking forward to this weekend's play.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


a man has dreams to achieve
like a river needs to meet the sea
let them run their course
else dry up in remorse.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The weekend!


I had a fun weekend, went Snowboarding with a couple of new friends and had a good time. But man it was freezing and my jaw almost froze! There was a jaw (of my friends') dropping incident on the way back. The conv went like this:

Me: I haven't washed my car in over a year now.
R: Really? Even then your car is too clean for Columbus.
Me: Yes, I wash my car only in distill water.
S: (in awe) what?
Me: Rain and Snow are the purest form of distill water.


On Sunday, we had a meetup planned for old man cave's hiking but I didn't wake up on time. Perhaps later this month. I stayed at home thru out the day and did some logarithmic proofs and lots of limits problem. I had completely forgotten how to solve the latter. What started as a quick refresher took most of my time till I hit bed.

Just found out that to insert an image in my gmail message from another conversation (gmail message) I could open the image in browser and use the url. No need to save it. Cool!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project: Infinity scarf

I'm gonna surprise my mom with this infinity scarf that I'm crocheting. I again learned the basic stitches from my mom when she was visiting me last year. Infinity or loop or Mobius (for the geeky) scarf is a circular scarf with a twist and it's very IN to wear it OUT.

I found a neat video on youtube and am on my way. Three hours into it and it seems to turn out alright.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gobi Musallam

So I'm armed with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's cookbooks and tried this dish - gobi musallam. It's a dish that requires cooking cauliflower in two (major) steps. It turned out pretty well and I liked it more the next day when I was no longer tired of cooking and pre-cooking shopping.

I was fed up of feeding on the simpler gobi recipes which magically work well only for mom. There's something inexplicably good about mom's food that our narcissist self can never deny. I guess it must have to do with getting hooked to it while young. Familiarity breeds fondness?

Here's a picture of while cooking and final dish. 

Notice my failed attempt at tandoori roti using a kadai and electric stove.