Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hot air ballooning in Seattle

This birthday I did hot air ballooning 3000 ft above Snohomish County of Seattle. The clear sky enhanced the pleasure.

Hot air balloon works on a simple principle that hot air is lighter than surrounding cold air. This difference causes balloon to rise. First manned hot air balloon was invented by the French and in their honor, the organizers always celebrate success of a flight with Champagne.

Here is the link to the ballooning website -

Labor of Love

June 29, 2008. I ran my first ever half marathon!

Well I did not just run but walked, dragged and cribbed. 13 miles did not seem easier when I registered for the run and boy! were they any easier.

My friend and I planned to train for several months in advance and started just in time a week before the run. Training made us confident of running at least 3 miles which is just enough to cross Seattle's 520 bridge (2.3 miles long) on foot. It was the first time ever the bridge was being opened to pedestrians.

But when we had crossed the bridge and taken a piece of rubber tire as memento, we decided to try finishing the run.

Volunteers after every mile greeted and cheered us. There were high school children offering water and glucose, people watering plants giving free shower and another group of people applauding our efforts.

5 1/2 hours of continuous and painstaking walking got me two nice event Tees and the above medal. Later I received bruised toes and strained shin too but I was told those were exclusives :)

A portion of each registration fee went to the Floyd and Dolores Jones Cancer Institute at Virginia Mason Medical Center.