Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mac Theme for Xubuntu

I had used compiz in my previous install of Ubuntu and missed it in Xubuntu. I installed compiz and emerald yesterday. To further enhance aesthetics of my laptop, I wanted to change the wallpaper. I did not know how to do it until yesterday. My search led me to a blog with details on how to make you Xubuntu look like Mac. Link here.

It inspired me and I downloaded the package - Macforlin package here.

The instructions manual is commendable. It is written very well and contains screen shots for ease. There were a couple of Xubuntu specific requirements which I figured out from the www.

Few notes to self for install:
1) Install compiz and emerald
2) Install xserver-xgl to run compiz smoothly. I was unable to figure out the correct xgl package. Thanks to Arun's Blog
3) Install Avant Window Navigator (AWN)
4) Create autostart of awn and compiz
5) Select mac theme and mac icon theme from User Interace on Settings/Settings Manager
6) Use Emerald as Window Manager
7) Install mac theme for Firefox

It looks really pretty and very close to mac OS X. See pics.

For Uninstall:
The Mac4lin directory ought to be in /home/user directory. Run as sudo. Choose theme and icon theme. And you are back to xubuntu regular.

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