Saturday, March 28, 2009

Add hours to your day - Switch off TV

Mitch Altman talks about how TV takes away 13 years of 70 years of an average American's life. He hates TV so much that he created a universal remote called TV-B-Gone.

Here is a talk he gave on hacking life for fun and profit -

Some salient points -
1. Watch more TV be less happy.
2. TV is one of the causes of obesity.
3. Advertisements makes one feel inadequate and discontented.
4. TV watching is the only non-natural activity that causes our brains to radiate alpha waves. Our brain releases alpha waves when we are falling asleep, drowsy or
sleep. This implies we are more susceptible to advertising.

Some nuggets from the talk -

If you're building a project around some thing you like
make sure your damn well love it because parts that are uncool are incredibly uncool. If you don't love it you'd hate it more than anything you've hated in your life.

The bad things in life are still there but now there are so many cool things to do and choose from.

Choose well what you do with your time. Do what you love and world would be a better place.

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