Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chocolate Factory Tour

This week I took factory tour of Schakolad Chocolate Factory in Columbus, OH.

It is one of the few attractions that Columbus offers apart from monstrous apple baskets, graduation cap etc.

The tour was sweet and so was our host/guide - Judy. She showed us a video on the history of chocolate and served us warm chocolate drink with honey and salt. That's probably the way it was drunk in ancient days.

Then we got to taste white, milk and dark chocolates fresh from the churner. Their pure cocoa butter white chocolate is out of the world. Then we got to make specialty chocolates ourselves.

We learned the 'two finger technique' of dipping in chocolate and 'catching the tail' trick from Judy and tried it. She also showed us how to use templates. She created a lolly and a baseball from templates.

We made chocolate pretzels, chocolate dipped strawberry, chocolate dipped cookie and chocolate bar dipped in chocolate. However, we didn't use any templates.

Then we got to wrap all the chocolates we made. Judy showed us how to curl the ribbons. Very cool!

Mom made the video of us making the chocolates while dad looked on.

It was a fun filled hour and all the chocolates that we made during the time were our take away from the tour.

PS - Oompa-Loompas were missing.

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