Sunday, January 31, 2010


My shoulders are sore;
ankle sprained.
hamstrings are pulled;
all the signs of age.
But, hey, I’m not getting old.
It's just that yesterday,
I did snowboard.

I relish snowboarding and the pain that devours me afterward; it reminds me of the fun I had. I started snowboarding in 2007 in Snoqualmie after having given up skiing previous season; I had hurt my knee and wore a knee pad of poison ivy, it was really that itchy, for ten days and limped my way to work.

It didn't go very well on day one of snowboarding. I considered myself inapt at learning but my friend encouraged me and practiced with me. Gave me hope. So I dragged on with the board with one feet tied to it and other lazily pushing it.

With the second and third class I was improving. I'm glad that I had the hope and determination.

I had learned to fall like a leaf and make J turns. I graduated from magic carpet (it's a conveyor belt type ski lift in beginner's area) to chair lift (30 ft off the ground cable lift).

This year I bought my own snowboard :-)

I can ride down without falling down most of the times but I make up for that while getting down the chair lift. It gets me every time. I entangle my snowboard with my co-rider and we fall together. I almost offended someone when I refused to ride the lift with them. I feared for their safety.

Chair lift is a good place to meet people. Last time I met the ski patrol who is a locale to the Mansfield resort and he told me how their street name changed forever when a TV reporter on National TV called 'Possum Run' as 'Opossum Run' to go with O of Ohio.

This time I met someone who stated that he has been skiing/snowboarding his entire life. He started at an age of 2 and is presently 8 or 9 years old.

Yesterday I took lessons to do c-turns and I know that it takes a sprained ankle to do it right.

It's an immense pleasure to snowboard and I'd suggest you to give it a try but let me warn you that it's fatal and addictive.

Snowboarding Video Tutorials

Ski resorts in Columbus open in 1st or 2nd week of Dec and close during 2nd week of March.
Mad River Mountain

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