Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Access Whores and Access Hogs

...those are the two types of people in tech companies and of course there are "others", who are caught in between. Access whores want and get access to all the applications including the one to order refrigerator cleaning in break room (if there is any such access). They aren't a nuisance compared to the access hogs. It's the access hogs who would stop by at your desk and request you order "horse tranquilizer" for them as they don't have access. Sometimes they would send an email with seven people in cc requesting you to "punch them in face" since they don't have access and project's success is absolutely contingent on it. Why access hogs don't request access for themselves? Well because they don't want to take superfluous responsibilities of ordering stuff for other people. It might lower their efficiency and they don't require that access that often...so why should they.

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