Thursday, September 20, 2007

At last Shrunked

I like to read although I don't read a lot. I had already read the 'Fountainhead' and I was advised to read 'Atlas Shrugged'. I picked it up from library. The moment I saw I just shrugged. The tome was returned without a single page turned.

Three months back, again I was offered the book, albeit a less scary edition. It looked like abridged version of the original but in fact had smaller print. I just carried it along in my hand bag for a couple of weeks...hoping to read. I still don't know the reason for indifference to it. I guess it was just the starting problem with a book of more than a mere thousand pages. When I started reading, I was glued to it and it took less than a month with my regular work schedule.
I finished reading the book last night (only skipping a big part of John Galt's speech). I'm glad that I read the book. It provided a new perspective at guilt and punishment, about self sacrifice, about pity, about help and about the way to live life. There are many more things which have settled in my conscience.

Thanks to Ayn Rand. And thanks to my friend who lent me the book.

I should read Anthem too.


Kirubakaran A said...

I guess its time for you to read 'War and Peace' :-D Kidding of course. But I can't believe you skipped the JG speech! Some people read just that.

Ruchi said...

I kept the book on hold for a long time unable to concentrate on his speech. I felt most of it was repetition of what has been told in the book thru out. To seek and excuse - I read at yc that the speech is not all that great a pc of art ;)

Andrew Davidson said...


I read Atlas Shrugged a long time ago and enjoyed it.

The memory I keep is of the vision of life lived on a large scale and of the power of an individual's will.

The Fountainhead was a good read too but I never got beyond a few pages of Anthem. Good luck!


KD said...

exactly what i went through... exact.

did get back and read the speech though. i somehow feel it's a little over rated.

damn good book nonetheless.