Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Locked out of bathroom

What could be worse than getting locked out of your own bathroom on a Sunday night. When none of the apartment maintenance guy could come to help! When I would have to attend a meeting at 7:30 am and above all when I could still have to .... So the situation demanded action. Regretting mildly about being in US, I tried to push the door but was of no help. Then I got a knife from the kitchen and tried to make its way down the slit of the luck. Then my friend (on phone) advised me to try a credit card. I had already called the emergency number for apartment maintenance and left a voice mail. I thought to give credit card a try. So I found one of my used stored value card and tried to slide it thru...nope. Tried would work, my friend had said. I tried again and 'click'. The lock gave way.

I thanked my friend. Then called the apartment's emergency number again and left a voice mail with updates. I've stored the card for future use...just in case.


Kirubakaran A said...

You sure do have a great friend!

Ashish said...

This was so funny.....why didn't ya call 911, after all we pay 33% in taxes.