Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Last week I tried my hands at The Cheesecake Factory style cheesecake. I had intended to stick to the recipe to get it just right. The cake turned out good even after my slight deviations. The recipe suggested a mixed nut crust and it's to die for. It's worth just baking the crust as snack bars.

The tin foil cake-pans I bought ended up smaller than I needed and I didn't have any spring-foam cake-pans. The recipe on Philadelphia Cream Cheese suggested I use the regular 9" dia pan and line it with foil leaving out enough foil to lift the cake out of the pan. It worked quite well and was fun to do it.

The pan turned out to be smaller for the suggested ingredients. Of course I was mixing suggestions from two different recipes. I left out one egg.

When is my Cheesecake done?
I baked the cake as suggested but it cracked and looks like it was due to over baking. To check if your cheesecake is done; give the cake-pan a jerk. If the center wobbles, it needs more time. If it barely moves, it's done.

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