Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Reading has been keeping me busy apart from endless browsing and listless browsing. I find time to watch a 1 hour TV episode but not a 10 minute tutorial. I guess it's all in the mental setup. The mindset that we are too tired to do anything. In 'How to live on 24 hours a day', that author (forgot his name, he isn't a movie star after all; but I often refer to Robert De Niro as 'What just happened' guy for lack of affinity for his name). So the author suggests if we are tired to do anything fruitful we ought to correct our routine. So am trying to do that by going to gym regularly and trying to sleep early.

But I was gonna talk about my reading. So I got a Kindle last month. It's by far my favorite gadget; so light and beautiful; and keeps me away from jumping on the internet and losing my time. The only thing I miss is a touch screen on it which will make using it's dictionary feature super easy. It's great to get all those classics on Kindle and read away.

So since last month I've read quite a few books - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - an incredible, witty short story. Am a Fitzgerald fan now.

Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, hadn't read the book although I saw the animation. I used to be scared to Queen of Heart as a kid. She wasn't that scary in the book. Perhaps the next in the series will change that opinion.

And then the ultimate - Three men in a boat and to say nothing of the dog. O Man! This is like opium. I would say this is round tine. It's so ineffably funny but yet J penned it! I read it and read again to whoever will listen.

Am now reading the Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. It seems interesting but am still yearning for more of Jerome K Jerome. If I go to gym I reward myself by reading - 'The importance of being Earnest' by Oscar Wild(e). It's a satirical play. During my lunch I've been reading autobiography of Virgin owner - Richard Branson. It's so interesting it feels like fiction.

PS - The name of author is Arnold Bennett.

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