Thursday, January 27, 2011

The weekend in pics

I had great time playing scrabble on Saturday. I picked up a new trick of "balancing rack". 

John mentioned how in a tournament two guys played back to back bingos and were done in nine turns. One of the bingo words was "APOSTLE".  Ever since he has been obsessed to try and play it. Jerry then explained that bingos are all about balancing the rack...discarding the words which are not generic suffixes or prefixes. Think ...ING, ...MENT, ...LER, ...MATE etc. 
And I bet it's hard to believe that I played bingos in both my next games and won! I played RUFFLES and TATTLED.

On Sunday, I went snowboarding and just couldn't do what my instructor told. I fell on my knees many times. By the end of it, they hurt bad I felt I had four knees. I tried but then gave up and came home.
Some one on chairlift asked me how to get off without hurting. I told them to push off using lift's edge and to wear a helmet ;)

I had a lovely dinner at Ps' house to compensate for all my snowboarding woes. They are wonderful host.

Looking forward to this weekend's play.

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