Monday, January 17, 2011

The weekend!


I had a fun weekend, went Snowboarding with a couple of new friends and had a good time. But man it was freezing and my jaw almost froze! There was a jaw (of my friends') dropping incident on the way back. The conv went like this:

Me: I haven't washed my car in over a year now.
R: Really? Even then your car is too clean for Columbus.
Me: Yes, I wash my car only in distill water.
S: (in awe) what?
Me: Rain and Snow are the purest form of distill water.


On Sunday, we had a meetup planned for old man cave's hiking but I didn't wake up on time. Perhaps later this month. I stayed at home thru out the day and did some logarithmic proofs and lots of limits problem. I had completely forgotten how to solve the latter. What started as a quick refresher took most of my time till I hit bed.

Just found out that to insert an image in my gmail message from another conversation (gmail message) I could open the image in browser and use the url. No need to save it. Cool!

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