Thursday, August 08, 2013

The year of classics!

It felt like the bullets that pierced Gatsby's heart ricochet thru mine. Such a sad story! A story of such dichotomy!

When the movie's release was nearing and the gaudy posters went up in movie theaters I wanted to read the American classic before seeing it alive with it's period costumes on screen. Didn't wanna live thru the agony again, at least then. I like movies with entertainment value but a happy and definite ending is a must.

As if that wasn't enough I decided to read yet another classics. The story of Scarlett O'Hara was gripping and is no doubt my fastest read tome. Gone with the wind is an excellent read and so much to learn about Civil War. I was severely disappointed by the abstract ending.

When I discussed my dismay with a friend he joked that I wouldn't like Christopher Nolan's movies for that very reason. I quipped I didn't wanna take homework when I was paying ten bucks for his movie.

Wiki has amusing demographics analysis of fans of this book noting they are mostly middle aged Southern or Midwestern women :)

As the idea of synchronicity would have it, I've been noticing the book's characters and themes in multiple places most notable being the apple chart in a Shenandoah gas station. It listed Scarlett O'Hara as one of the modern varieties of apple.

Next in line, the catcher in the rye.

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