Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I'm looking forward to iWatch's debut. For one I like to have lot of time on my hands :) and secondly Apple is known to redefine products.

Here are the gadgets I'm hoping an iWatch would consolidate - 
  1. Watch
  2. Calendar
  3. iPod Shuffle - for those workout playlists and this means bluetooth sync would be needed
  4. Personal Alarm Clock - which will silently wake just you and not your partner
  5. Pedometer - Accelerometer in iPods is already in use by iPod+Nike kit creating a pedometer so they are can just cut Nike out of the equation. Think Nike Fuel Band
  6. Heart Rate Monitor
  7. Sleep Monitor - think of something akin to Sleep Tracker
Apple has great advantage over other competitors since iWatch can be designed to sync wirelessly with iPhone and mac (perhaps iTunes). And this sync makes this data readily available for boasting on social networks.

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