Thursday, January 01, 2015

Filter Bubble

Birds of a feather flock together even in the age of twitter and Facebook. 

Irrespective of the number of people you are following on twitter they are all saying what you want to hear. No, it isn't that you are that mesmerizing it's just that you have chosen the people you want to follow.

People in general prefer to be agreeable - it's easier to get along if you go with popular belief but the extent of this popular belief may end with the outer edge of your circle of people. This circle of people who agree with you was curated by you. This is why high school is difficult. High school is when you are trying to form opinions, make friends, and subconsciously create ways of filtering what your like and don't. Now there's a name for such an environment resulting from this kind of filtering of opposing views - filter bubble.

Now we don't need researchers to tell us that one can and should make conscious attempts at bursting this bubble by walking in other's shoes i.e. learning about the opposing views. Why? Because that's the way to truly understand. 

This latest research indicates you can learn about alternative views best from people with whom you agree at least on some other topics.

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